Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) Profile


To become an international charity foundation that can deliver a religious and harmonious quality of life to the community.


  1. To play an active role in solving social problems of society through the implementation of programs in a planned, efficient, effective and participatory manner.
  2. To build a network of community development with the competence of working.
  3. To improve the excellence and quality of the foundation as being one with integrity, synergy and independence.



Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) was born as a joint secretariat of Dar Al Bir Society (DBS) in Indonesia on the 11th of January 1992.


On the 28th June 2002, the Dar Al Bir Society (DBS) joint secretariat institutionally transformed as a legal body to become Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF). Since its inception as an Indonesian institution. Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) conducted all its programs in synergy with a number of community organizations such as Muhammadiyah, Persatuan Islam (Persis), Al Irsyad, and others.


On February of 2015, a procedural change took place in regards to the relationship between the founder and committee members of Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF).



The establishment of Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) was carried out before a notary by Yudo Purnomow, SH. Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) has been formally registered at all levels of government, from the village level, to district and provincial. Asia Muslim Charity Foundation (AMCF) has also received recommendation from central Indonesian Council of Imams (MUI), the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, Muhammadiyah and Persatuan Islam (Persis).


Social Humanitarian

  1. Disaster Management
  2. Basic Disaster Training
  3. Orphanage
  4. Health Clinic
  5. Friendship Boat


  1. Arabic Language and Islamic Studies College
  2. Bachelor of Ahwal Syakhsiyyah
  3. Bachelor of Islamic Communication and Broadcasting
  4. Bachelor of Al Qur’an Science and Tafsir
  5. Qur’an Memorization School


  1. Da’i Program
  2. Training of Imam/Khatib
  3. Radio of Dakwah
  4. Jaulah Ramadhan
  5. Wakaf of Al Qur’an
  6. Udhiya Distribution
  7. Ifthar Meal and Dates Fruit Distribution
  8. Dakwah Center

Project Construction

  1. Physical and Non-Physical Project Grants
  2. Mosque Grants
  3. Clean Water and Sanitation Grants



  1. Ma’had Abu Ubaidah bin Al Jarrah, Medan – North Sumatera
  2. Ma’had Said bin Zaid, Batam – Riau Province
  3. Ma’had Az Zubair bin Al Awwam, Padang – West Sumatera
  4. Ma’had Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqash, Palembang – South Sumatera
  5. Ma’had Ustman bin Affan, Jakarta
  6. Ma’had Dzin Nurain (special for woman), Jakarta
  7. Ma’had Al Imarat, Bandung – West Java
  8. Ma’had Abu Bakar As Shidiq, Solo – Central Java
  9. Ma’had Ali bin Abi Thalib, Yogyakarta
  10. Ma’had Umar bin Al Khattab, Surabaya – East Java
  11. Ma’had Abdurrahman bin Auf, Malang – East Java
  12. Ma’had Khalid bin Al Walid, Mataram – West Nusa Tenggara
  13. Ma’had Al Khansa, Pontianak – West Kalimantan
  14. Ma’had Asy Syafi’i, Palangkaraya – Central Kalimantan
  15. Ma’had Hasan bin Ali, Samarinda – East Kalimantan
  16. Ma’had Husain bin Ali, Samarinda – East Kalimantan
  17. Ma’had Al Birr, Makassar – South Sulawesi
  18. Ma’had Thalhah bin Ubaidillah, Palu – Central Sulawesi
  19. Ma’had Al Kazhim, Ternate – North Maluku
  20. Ma’had Bilal bin Rabah, Sorong – West Papua


Jl. Slamet Riyadi IV No. 11 Kebon Manggis, Matraman – Jakarta Timur, INDONESIA, 13150

Telp : +62 21 8590 8282

Fax : +62 21 8590 8181

Email :

Website : (still under construction at October 15th 2017)

Source of Information : Official AMCF’s Profile 2017 Guide Book

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