My Life Will Go Into New Challenge*


My Life Will Go Into New Challenge*

*Oleh Joko Setiawan, A Social Worker, Seorang Pembelajar Sepanjang Zaman

From the beginning I was very sure that I will contribute what I’ve studied from Japan, especially about social welfare system and services. But, the fact told the another thing. Kumala Foundation Bandung still in progress, it’s about the funding mechanism that getting weaker gradually. Kumala’s services in Bandung become smaller and this situation influenced the payment method. Now, I am not alone, I have a wife and a pretty daughter. My monthly living cost to be bigger than before. Because of that, I was deeply discuss with Abah Dindin as a Director of Kumala Foundation about my financial condition. First Abah thanks to be about my concern in Kumala Foundation, but if I got the better job with better salary of course, I still can contribute in Kumala Foundation in any form, any time. Thank you very much Abah for this understanding.

At the mid of March, I started to searching about many job vacancy. Thanks to Allah (alhamdulillah) recently finding job vacancy not as difficult as 10 years ago. Now the abundant information about job vacancy is available at the internet. We only sit in front of PC/laptop and start to hunting job. And, as same as with the job recruiter, mostly of them have a policy that job seeker have to send the job application/cover letter and CV via email. Its very fast and eficient. I only creating my newest CV both in Bahasa Indonesia and in English. And then just make a template for cover letter, adapted for each job vacancy.

Until now I have sent about over 15 job application via email and website. And maybe many people who know me will surprised with my next job place. I was interested in this position because it is new department, new team, and to me this means a new experience and challenge. I believe that if we meet with new people we will have a positive thinking. From here, we will maximilize our team with the best effort.

Alhamdulillah. After over one month to be disguise unemployer (freelancer), my life will change, go on. Now I have a big responsibility, not only for me, but for my wife, my daughter (Ayumi chan), and my close families both in Bandung and East Java.

The important this is whenever, whereever, any time always remember to Allah, do the wajib and avoid the maksiat. Doing sedekah with happy feelings, help the others, and always husnudhon and do the best.

Salam hangat dan semangat selalu dalam dekapan ukhuwwah

Rusun Cinta Kasih Tzu Chi, Cengkareng Timur – Jakarta Barat, INDONESIA
Ahad pagi, 03 Rajab 1437 H/10 April 2016 pukul 17.32 WIB (Waktu Indonesia Bagian Barat)

4 Responses to “My Life Will Go Into New Challenge*”
  1. Nur Afilin says:

    So, are you in Jakarta now? Wish we can meet and share, then 🙂
    Good luck for your new challenge (y)

  2. Achmad says:

    Well done mas Joko! What a well written article and a good topic to start with. Saya yakin perusahaan yang memiliki visi pasti tidak ragu merekrut mas Joko karena sampeyan punya determinasi dan ilmu. Terus berjuang!!

    • Thank you very much Mas Achmad for the support and appreciation. My problem with English is because I am very shy when use it. Worry about grammar, typo etc. But, It must be starting, using English to express feeling. This is preparation before writing a scientific paper 😀

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