Visited Graduate School of Human Life Science in Osaka University*


Visited Graduate School of Human Life Science in Osaka University*

*Written by Joko Setiawan, A Social Worker, 32nd Trainee of Asian Social Welfare Worker’s Training Program by Japan National Council of Social Welfare (JNCSW/全国社会福祉協議会)

I have two agendas that have been done. First, at the morning I participated in Namba Language Exchange Club. Located in HIPS Namba, Osaka start from 10 am until 11 am. After that, at there was used for Church activities, so I can no longer exist at there. It’s changed from language club to be belief about religion. That’s why I talk to the other friends at there to go to the next appointment.

From HIPS Namba, I went to NAMBA CITY Information Counter. At there, preparing Mushola (small mosque) for Muslims who want to do Sholat (praying to Allah). The procedure is we just have to talk with receptionist in NAMBA CITY Information Counter at tell that you want to using the prayer room. And that you only just write about your name and nationality. The receptionist will guide you until the prayer room, and you will given a card contains information that you can using the prayer room for about maximal 30 minutes.

The time is 12.20 pm JST and I have to hurry, I can’t be late at the next appointment. As long as in Japan, I have acting to be Japanese people too. And LATE is the word that Japanese people very HATE. I think that’s a very good culture, and I will take that’s spirit until come back in Indonesia.

From Namba Station I took Midosuji Line, until Nishi Nakajima Minamigata Station. From there, just walked about 3 minutes until Minamikata Station and took Hankyu-Kyoto Line toward Kita Senri. Yes, my appointment is in Kita Senri Station. At there I met with Miura san (Chisato chan) who guide me to went to Graduate School in Human Sciences, Osaka University. It was located in Suita Campus, Osaka. About 15 minutes by walk from Kita Senri Station.

Miura san used to be a trainee (1 month On The Job Training/OJT) in Hakuunryo Institution (Osaka Jikyoukan Corporation) on October 2015. From that time, we come to be friends. We usually chat and just ask about activities and other by LINE, a social media that made by Japanese Corporation. So, today was my second time for talking directly with her.

First, I was very happy because I can be arrived in Osaka University, especially looked by my own eyes the building of Graduate School in Human Sciences. Based on the information from the website, the professors in here have several research in Social Work and Social Welfare in Japan. In Department of Social Science, this Graduate School offer courses and research fields about Social Work, Social Policy, Social System of Human Well-Being and Advanced Interdisciplinary Care Science.

One of the lecturer is Endo Chikako, Associate Professor of Graduate School of Human Science. Her research topic is about “The Development of The Social Economy and The Role of The Third Sector for Social Welfare”; “The Changing Nature of Social Citizenship”; and “Politics, Social Welfare and Social Work Studies”. I hope, in future I can study in here, in Graduate School of Human Sciences.

Next, I want talk about Miura san. Maybe she can be representation of the young Japanese women in recent time. We talked about many things. About university, family, part time job, and the current issues in Japan. The hot issues is about decreasing of birth rate in Japan from year to years. And Miura san tell me that now she was thinking about not going married whenever. Yes, she planned to live alone, not going married and no desire for having children.

I was shocked, but still can handle my feeling. After that I talk with a sense of humor, I can gave her an image of the happy family. Why we have to married, why family is so important, why alone is so lonely, and many things. I hope that she can thinking once more time. Not just one more, but every day, every month, every year, we have to look forward what we have done, and what we will planning in future. This is an important things, I think.

Miura san is very kind Japanese girl. She studying about Social Welfare in one of Private University in Port Land, Kobe City. She has a part time job in Livelihood Support for Homeless People in Kobe. And today, she guided me to Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University. Talking so many things in Starbucks Coffee. She paid my Coffee, and gave me a gift, a delicious mochi.

I will pray for you Miura san. I hope, when we meet once again, you will change about the desire of marriage. Zettaini, Kekkon shinai to ikenai. Ne, Miura san..! ^_^

Tengachaya, Osaka Shi – Osaka Prefecture, JAPAN
Monday night, 01 Rabiul Akhir 1437 H/January 10, 2016 at 21.52 Japan Standard Time (JST)

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