Captain Tsubasa in Tennoji Park Osaka*

Captain Tsubasa Stadium for Fulsal in Tennoji Park Osaka, Japan

Captain Tsubasa Stadium for Fulsal in Tennoji Park Osaka, Japan

Captain Tsubasa in Tennoji Park Osaka*

*Oleh Joko Setiawan, A Social Worker, 32nd Trainee of Asian Social Welfare Worker’s Training Program by Japan National Council of Social Welfare (JNCSW/全国社会福祉協議会)

I have passed so many stories to write. In this time, I will talk about Captain Tsubasa. Do you know Captain Tsubasa? I think almost all of children in Indonesia now Captain Tsubasa because he is a very popular main actor for football anime. Hm, actually, I didn’t write about the figure of Captain Tsubasa, I’m so sorry about this, but there is Captain Tsubasa in Tennoji Park Osaka. Really? Lie, I just kidding hohoho. 😀

On Monday, October 12th, 2015 The staff of NPO Jikyoukan have a schedule for playing fulsal. The place for playing fulsal is in the Captain Tsubasa court. The fulsal court with benchmark Captain Tsubasa is very famous in Osaka. And that fulsal court was located on Tennoji Park area.

In near of Tennoji Park Area is Tennoji Zoo. In one time, people can enjoying playing with their children in park, as well as study about zoology, and can playing fulsal too. Beside of that, we can see the very clean place, comfort and safe. And then, Tennoji station is the underground station, exit from there you can walking around in the the highest building in Japan called Abeno Harukas with 200 metres high.

Come back to my topic. At that day, in Japan was holiday, it’s called Sport’s Day. Jikyoukan’s staf member have two teams, one team for man, and one team for woman. That day futsal competition was held with 17 groups involved. I am the foreigner, just see and giving spirit for the others, beside of that I was to be camera man from the beginning until competition finished. Everyone was very high spirited, so did I. And the last, Jikyoukan’s man team to be the winner, number one!! The woman’s team to be the third, not to bad yeah. Everyone was very happy, so did I.

In my last of 26 age, still hard to write in English. Next year, on 2016 I will study hard for English, TOEFL 550 have to achieved, I’m sure with my spirit. Allahu Akbar..!! ^^

Tengachaya, Nishinari ku Osaka shi – Osaka Prefecture, JAPAN
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