To be Participant of Promoting community-based Disaster Risk Reduction for Older People at Philippines


Trying to make a narration in English about my manager story in Philippines ^_^


To be Participant of Promoting community-based Disaster Risk Reduction for Older People at Philippines

Manila- Humanitarian Forum Indonesia (HFI) and HelpAge International are pleased to invite PKPU to be participant of Promoting community-based Disaster Risk Reduction for Older People. This event was held at February 25th until March 01st 2013 at Manila, Philippines.

This event cost was covered by HelpAge International, and it just only 10 participant from 10 humanitarian foundations in Indonesia. There are PGI, YEU, Dhompet Dhuafa, PKPU, Emang Lansia, HFI, MDMC, Habitat, KARINA, and CWS.

The Agenda at Manila are meeting with COSE and COPAP, the local foundation who concern in elderly people. Also meeting with OPA/Federation. And then exposure with LGU on good practices in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). At last, finished by meeting with DRR Network at OXFAM Office.

I also surprising that the policy in Manila is requires citizens foundation to have minimal one of social worker to make services for community, especially on older people”, say Muhammad Kaimuddin as participant from PKPU who also DRM Manager of PKPU.

This study visit was useful for Indonesian Humanitarian Foundation to make a new policy that consider older people as a figure who can help the others, though in disaster situation.

Follow up this event, HFI and HelpAge International make a meeting on March 6-8th 2013 at Bogor. The objective of this event are:

  1. Promoting ageing issues to be integrated into the DRR programs,
  2. Enhancing capacity of NGO’s in working on older people in DRR,
  3. Building strategy plans for Indonesia consortium of older people,
  4. Building cooperation mechanism between government and NGO’s regarding older people issues.

PKPU as one of humanitarian foundation who concern at vulnerable people was supporting this program and will be active at any meeting. (PKPU/Joko Setiawan/DRM/Jakarta)

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