Join a Challenging Social Worker Task with Coastal Communities

The Island Foundation (TIF) is an NGO who works with the coastal communities in E. Bintan and the Riau Archipelago to help improve their income, health and education.  In doing so TIF will address environmental concerns and implement sustainable community-based projects centered on social justice, community organization, micro-finance and entrepreneurialism.

 TIF was established and based in Singapore in 2010 and recently established Yayasan Peduli Kepulauan Riau (Foundation for the Care of Riau Archipelago) in Indonesia.  TIF focus on promotion and improvement of welfare of the coastal communities in Bintan and work in partnership with each village, supporting them and helping them develop the skills with which to take control of their lives and develop a sustainable path out of poverty.

TIF invites a social worker to join this challenging empowerment activities with the coastal communities in Bintan.

Overall Job Description:   

Plan, Design, and implement sustainable community development programs. The social worker will undertake a leading role in initiating a planning process and in maintaining community relations with the goal of economic improvement and community empowerment at the local level. 


  1. Conduct Community mapping, assessment of needs and interests that build on and are stimulated by educational programs already launched and funded by The Island Foundation
  2. Develop links with local stakeholders and motivate their involvement and support in community programming
  3. Engage key stakeholders in the assessment of needs
  4. Write analysis of community structure and assessment for village development
  5. Organize community task forces
  6. Provide technical assistance to community groups involved in planning process
  7. Identify and develop community resources and strengths to reinforce programs
  8. Develop strategies with The Island Foundation to sustain community initiated programs
  9. Prepare weekly written reports to The Island Foundation for all activities
  10. Facilitate meetings of the community and other organization in the areas of the Island Foundation programs
  11. Develop the time frame of an individual plan during the assignment period with clear outputs to be achieved
  12. Develop regular monitoring and evaluation plan and conduct regular monitoring and evaluations


  1. Degree or higher in social work / social welfare
  2. At least two years of social work community organizing experience. Preference will be given to applicants with experience working in an international NGO
  3. Excellent capacity to work with a team
  4. The social worker needs to have very good written capacity and speaking command English. All Written and oral communication with the island foundation will be in English
  5. Social worker must live on site in Bintan During the project period References from social work experience

Please send your application to:

Building Professional Social Work (BPSW)

4th Floor STISIP Widuri, Palmerah Barat 353, Jakarta Selatan 12210



Salam hangat and semangat selalu by Muhammad Joe Sekigawa, seorang Pembelajar Sepanjang Zaman who has a great dreams

An Undergraduate Student of Bandung College of Social Welfare (BCSW), Department of Social Rehabilitation 2008

Kesatuan Aksi Mahasiswa Muslim Indonesia (KAMMI) STKS Bandung

2 Responses to “Join a Challenging Social Worker Task with Coastal Communities”
  1. erickazof says:

    Woww, i know their director. She is a good one, nice person..I know her because we have liaise in some project near their area. It is good for students to explore these project 🙂 if you selected into this team, please feel free to contact me..Its very pleasure for me to guide you in Kepri (especially Bintan). Thks

    • Hi, Erick san,, long time no see you guys,,, ^^

      Hmm,,, It’s only for alumni Kang, so, I still can not to apply it he he he,,

      But, actually, I hope can visiting to Bintan Island and meet you at there ^_^

      Best regards from Dago, Bandung ^_^

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