Vacancy of Consultant Project Proposal Development on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Max 14 September 2011


Dear Teman-teman Peksos,
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Terima Kasih,
Ade Reno Sudiarno
DRR/CCA Coordinator, Oxfam

Project Proposal Development on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

DRR is mainstreamed to all disaster management works of Oxfam. In other words, Oxfam’s humanitarian and development work will be informed by high quality reliable and relevant risk and vulnerability analysis and impact of climate change and incorporate effective measures to reduce the chronic vulnerability of and risk to poor women, men and children.

Oxfam has been implementing The Project of Building Resilience in Eastern Indonesia. The project, 3-year project funded by AUSAID, is aimed to strengthen government, civil society, and community action for disaster risk reduction in enabling them to identify and analyze their disaster risk, plan and act for reducing the community vulnerabilities to disasters. The project has been implementing in 16 districts, four provinces starting from 15 June 2009 until May 2012. The project emphasized on three level interventions: village, school, and government. Supporting Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction and school based disaster risk reduction, the project creates enabling environment at district government level with combination of institutions capacity building and technical support in disaster risk management related policy and regulation making. The project, furthermore, will be also replicated in West Sumatera (District of Padang Pariaman and Agam) for
2, 5 years.

Currently Oxfam is developing ideas for new projects development. It was led and guided by best practices of and lesson learnt from previous and existing DRR projects. Moreover, Oxfam also seeks to meet incoming call proposal from various donors.

Correspondently, improvement and creation of project model are chosen strategy. Enhancing available DRR project design is needed to make better and advanced project strategies and approaches the future implementation. Furthermore, creating new initiative models is also considered valuable in order to identify, explore, and develop distinctive and contemporary project design which matches with current challenges and problems related to DRR aspects.

While best practices of existing DRR model will be incorporated sufficiently, this proposal would emphasize further the needs to integrate CCA and livelihood and urban issues.  Oxfam targeted area would be in Eastern Indonesia per the national strategy.

Relevant and adequate data will be collected to inform project background and rationale in NTT, NTB, Papua, and West Papua. This also will supply the need of appropriate project interventions. Consultant will be recruited to develop DRR project proposal.

Project Proposal Development on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is intended to achieve following expected results:
•    Collected sufficient data on disaster risks and its analysis in selected areas: NTT, NTB, Papua, and West Papua
•    Developed project design for DRR that integrating livelihood, CCA and urban issues

To apply, please e-mail your cover letter, CV, and proposal to:

Closing date:  14th September 2011.

We are committed to ensuring diversity and gender equity within the organization

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